This page collects all the scientific papers that the DEMAND consortium has submitted to International Conferences, Journals, Newsletter and that have been accepted and published. For each publication, the title, the list of authors, the name of the event/magazine as well as the link to download the paper are provided.

  • DEMAND Project: An algorithm for the assessment of the prosumers’ flexibility
    D. Arnone; M. Mammina; M. Cacioppo; S. Favuzza; M. G. Ippolito; R. Musca; E. Riva Sanseverino; E. Telaretti; G. Zizzo
    20th IEEE Mediterranean Eletrotechnical Conference (MELECON 2020)
    Year: 2020
    Pages: 1 – 5
    Still not online
  • Privacy-Preserving Overgrid: Secure Data Collection for the Smart Grid
    D. Croce; F. Giuliano; I. Tinnirello; L. Giarré.
    Sensors, Vol. 20 (8)
    Year: 2020
    Article: 2249
  • DEMAND Project: An Optimal Home Energy Management Paradigm With an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Regulation
    V. Hosseinnezhad, M. Shafie-Khah, P. Siano and J. P. S. Catalão
    IEEE Access
    Year: 2020
    Pages: vol. 8, pp. 19614-19628
    IEEE journal
  • DEMAND Project: Optimal Home Energy Management For Electric Flexibility Provision
    V. Hosseinnezhad, M. Shafie-khah, P. Siano and J. P. S. Catalão,
    2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe), Bucharest, Romania,
    Year: 2019
    Pages: 1-6
  • A decentralized load control architecture for smart energy consumption in small islands
    D. Croce; F. Giuliano; M. Bonomolo; G. Leone; R. Musca; I. Tinnirello.
    Sustainable Cities and Society, Vol. 53
    Year: 2019
    Article: 101902
  • DEMAND Project: A Proposal for a Bottom-Up Aggregation Platform
    M. Cacioppo; G. Zizzo; M. G. Ippolito; R. Musca; E. Riva Sanseverino; M. Mammina; D. Arnone
    IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter, November 2019
    Year: 2019
  • DEMAND Project: A Peak Load Shaving Strategy for End-User Consumers
    S. Favuzza ; M.G. Ippolito ; F. Massaro ; E.R. Sanseverino ; E. Telaretti ; G. Zizzo
    2018 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2018 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe (EEEIC / I&CPS Europe)
    Year: 2018
    Page s: 1 – 5
  • DEMAND Project: Bottom-Up Aggregation of Prosumers in Distribution Networks
    D. Arnone; M. Mammina; S. Favuzza; M. G. Ippolito; E. Riva Sanseverino; E. Telaretti; G. Zizzo
    2018 AEIT International Annual Conference
    Year: 2018
    Pages: 1 – 6