DEMAND presented at the Hanoi University of Industry

A representation of the Group of Electrical Systems for Energy of the Department of Energy Information Engineering and Mathematical Models (DEIM) – University of Palermo, composed by Prof. Eleonora Riva Sanseverino, by Prof. Salvatore Favuzza, by Eng. Gaetano Zizzo and Eng. Rossano Musca, and Eng. Pietro Romano of the Group of Electrotechnics, during a mission to Hanoi (Vietnam), as part of the internationalisation of Master degree course in Electrical Engineering, met the representatives of the national TSO / DSO, EVN, and the staff of the University of Industry (HAUI) on the 13th november 2018. During the meetings the DEIM research activities were presented and, among these, the DEMAND project was discussed. In particular, the Hanoi University of Industry organized a seminar for students and teachers in which the concept of DEMAND was presented in addition to the results of the first year of activity.