DistributEd MANagement logics and Devices for electricity savings in active users installations
DEMAND offers a distributed and scalable system that implements innovative programmable monitoring and control logic for optimized management of localized consumption, production and storage systems, using an embedded device that interacts with other users to negotiate the decisions to be undertaken in response to distributor requests.

Experimentation and validation

The hardware and software prototypes developed during the project will be installed at the pilot sites, where an experimentation phase will be conducted to evaluate the benefits that can be obtained by exploiting the functionalities of the technological solution proposed by the project.


A pilot at ANFFAS assisted residences in the province of Trento and a pilot at a private residential user in Lavis, in the province of Trento.


An industrial pilot project in at least one of the companies located in the Conversano technology park in Bari.


One pilot project in the tertiary sector at Engineering's Data Center at Pont Saint Martin (AO).

The project

DEMAND began on 01 August 2017. Expected duration 24 months.

The project is co-financed by Cassa per i Servizi Energetici e Ambientali (CSEA) as a research project pursuant to art. 10, par. 2, letter b) of the decree dated 26 January 2000, pursuant to the three-year national plan 2012-2014 for electricity research and the annual operating plan for 2013 (decree of 30 June 2014).

The Ministry of Ecological Transition with letter prot. AOO_ENE.REGISTRO OFFICIALE.2021.0012158 has arranged for the acceptance of the request for variations presented by the assignees of the DEMAND project. The duration of the project has been extended from 24 to 32 months.