Impact and benefits

Project impact

Adoption by electrical system users (residential, industrial and tertiary sectors) of the new solutions proposed by DEMAND will have a significant impact on the national electricity system. The monitoring and control actions applicable to the new project solution affect the variability of the load profile of the network, reducing the power peak and therefore deferring power upgrades to existing grids over time, thus reducing network power losses (distribution and transmission), voltage drops and also, in relation to the energy mix of the production plant, CO2 emissions.


In addition to the implications indicated above, which will also be beneficial to all users of the electricity system, other significant direct benefits (in terms of energy, revenue and comfort) will be enjoyed by the users who adopt the new solutions resulting from project activities. The energy management logic and devices to be developed will receive incoming price signals for electricity and gas, or fuel in general and they will be able to manage loads, conditioning systems, accumulation systems and local generation according to preferences specified by the user, in compliance with continuity requirements, particularly in the tertiary and industrial environment, with the general objective being to ensure economically efficient management of energy consumption by different types of users.

Additional benefits are provided by the more flexible aspects of the load which allow users to participate in the energy market and achieve an economic benefit which is not only connected to energy savings and more efficient use of resources, but also to the payment a user can receive for specific services offered by that user to the electricity system.