Scopes and objectives

The research activity involved in the DEMAND project is part of the current substantial changes in electrical systems, which feature the increasingly widespread presence of users with local capacity for production, and sometimes accumulation among the principal innovations. For these users, therefore, the traditional role of electricity consumer transforms into the new role of prosumer (producer-consumer) or active user, requiring equipment (hardware) and management logic (software) components capable of adequately controlling energy flows both within every prosumer and towards electricity distribution grids.

The objective of the DEMAND project is to create an innovative direct-load control system for residential, tertiary and industrial sectors through the use of an embedded device, called an energy gateway, which is able to:

  • interact with other users through the Internet to negotiate the decisions to be made in response to the requests of the service supplier or distributor;
  • control electricity loads which can be regulated using local access technologies.

The control system and logic will enable optimized management of localized consumption, production and accumulation systems, while taking into account the most recent regulations concerning the connection of accumulation systems to distribution grids and the standards established by AEEGSI on the performance levels expected for second generation smart metering systems.

DEMAND also intends to generate a business ecosystem able to host and grow innovative technological solutions in a highly competitive market.