Effects on consumption

The results obtained from the use of the DEMAND system have been evaluated in terms of energy, economic and comfort savings for the various residential, industrial, and tertiary users, highlighting for each case the convenience of adopting the DEMAND solution.
The analysis carried out confirmed that the various civil, industrial and tertiary users can directly benefit from the results obtained from the optimal management of resources in terms of energy, economic and comfort savings. In particular, the reductions in consumption and energy savings, which can be achieved thanks to the adoption of the DEMAND system, were assessed for one day and for one year, considering a certain number of days per year.
It should be noted that DEMAND users are part of a population of which only a subset, the winning aggregate, participates in the final offer to the system operator requests. Therefore, assuming the supply of flexibility almost daily or close to it throughout the year is certainly too optimistic. This simplified assumption was made only to provide a maximum value for remuneration and dissatisfaction costs for individual users: however, knowing the daily values ​​and the probability that a user is actually involved in providing a flexibility service to the DSO, the results obtained are generalisable to any scenario with a certain number of days of participation.